Floor Maintenance

Caring for your carpet is vital to maintaining its quality and longevity. Doing it from the get go means you’ve got a head start in keeping your carpet in tip top condition for years to come, and there are just a few simple steps to follow.

We advise you vacuum your new carpet at least two to three times a week to avoid any particles of loose dirt and dust wearing down the fibres and causing discolouration.

A large, strong doormat can work wonders in reducing the amount of dirt from outside spreading around the house. If you opt for a light coloured carpet, however, avoid laying it near to front and back doors to reduce dirt transfer.

If you’re bringing home a loop pile carpet, this should be vacuumed with a cylinder cleaner using the suction head only. And cut pile carpets should be vacuumed with an upright cleaner with beater bar and brush. The extra effort may seem tiresome, but your carpet will thank you for it later.

Man-made fibre carpets are very easy to clean and  maintain , wool  carpets do require a little more care. They should be vacuumed as soon as they are laid to pick up any isolated particles, and regularly once fitted.

Spillages and stains are common in any household, so don’t panic if your new carpet is subject to one. Spillages are more easily removed if dealt with straight away – so act promptly. Blot off all the liquid with kitchen roll or a clean, dry cloth. Semi-solid substances can be removed with a plastic spatula.

Use a clean, warm, damp cloth to remove any remaining stain. A dabbing action will ensure the stain isn’t rubbed further into the carpet. Blot the remaining liquid with a dry kitchen towel – don’t over soak as this can lead to further staining – and work from the outside inwards to minimise spreading. are very east to clean and maintain